The time our members spend volunteering for their club, district, or Pilot International are important for our 501(c)(3) status. The hours may also impact grant applications that may be submitted by our organization.

Pilot/Anchor/Compass volunteer service hours will focus on service projects that encourage brain safety and health and support those who care for others. In order to count volunteer hours, the service project should be included in the Club Plans of Works. Hours that may be counted as volunteer hours include:

  1. Time members dedicate to a service project (purchasing, assembly and delivery)
  2. BrainMinders™ presentation
  3. Safety day or bike rodeo
  4. Pilot and Compass members assisting with an Anchor convention
  5. Presenting a Pick Me Up
  6. Presenting helmets
  7. Volunteering at a community function and representing Pilot International by wearing your Pilot shirt and promoting Pilot.
  8. Fundraising for a Matching Grant or a special service project where the money is restricted to that project.

Hours that do not count as volunteer hours include:

  1. Fundraising for your club where the money is deposited into operations or an unrestricted fund.
  2. Church functions
  3. Training workshops (ex. PI Power Hour)
  4. Preparation for a meeting, district convention, or PI convention

How many hours do your members volunteer? Perhaps you don’t think it is a lot. Visualize it. At each meeting, when members arrive, have them place one marble, M & M, or mint in a jar or container for each hour they have volunteered since the last meeting. Accumulate this until your club representative submits these hours on the Pilot International website. You will be surprised!

Each club should assign one person to submit the volunteer hours for all members of the club monthly. This is done in MemberClicks. This is a very simple form and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The data submitted is collected in MemberClicks. Volunteer hours should be submitted monthly for all members. Hours no longer need to be submitted per member or event. (Note: You should receive a confirmation email detailing what you submitted. This will enable each club to have a monthly record of hours submitted).

The club can also create a spreadsheet to assist in gathering the monthly hours to submit online. The spreadsheet will compile total volunteer hours to-date.

We look forward to seeing how many volunteer hours our members/clubs contribute each month. Thank you for all you do as we Do More, Care More, and Be More in our communities.

Submit Your Volunteer Hours

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