This guide will help you get started with Pilot International’s new membership portal MemberClicks.

Before we get started we need to address some quick facts that will help the onboarding process move along more smoothly.


1. MemberClicks replaces PortalBuzz (our old membership portal).

2. You do not have to create a profile within MemberClicks. Profiles are created by the membership department at HQ.

3. Your username is a 4 digit pin.

4. There will be an assigned key contact for each club (most often this will be the president of the club).

5. The key contact will help keep club members information up to date and accurate.

6. Invoices for membership dues for the 2018 – 2019 year cannot be seen in MemberClicks because they were processed with PortalBuzz. Future invoices will appear in MemberClicks.

7. A link to the MemberClicks portal can be found in the top right corner of the Pilot International website.

8. If you are getting multiple copies of the same email sent to your email address, you’re likely a key contact in MemebrClicks. If this is something that’s happening to you, watch our video that explains what it means to be a key contact and how you can resolve the multiple email issue. Watch Now




VIDEO: Getting Started with MemberClicks

The video below will guide you through your first steps in MemberClicks and what you’re expected to do as a Pilot when getting started.


VIDEO: Key Contact in MemberClicks

The video below will guide you in understanding what it means to be a key contact in MemberClicks. Key Contacts are usually the presidents of clubs, but could also be other elected officers with in clubs.


There will be more content coming soon as we rollout new features within MemberClicks.