Pilot International members, clubs, and districts celebrate National Make a Difference Day on October 22, 2022


About the Event

National Make A Difference Day brings community service to a whole new level each year. Organizations join forces on the fourth Saturday in October to make a difference, big or small.

Millions of people have united in the common mission to improve the lives of others.

All across the country, organizations pick up the tools required to help others during this weekend. Sometimes, they pick another weekend in October. However, they do it, they do so making a difference in the lives of others and their communities. The expression of love for each other through support and good ol’ elbow grease is sometimes all we need to make a difference.

How to Participate #MakeADifferenceDay

Making a difference can come in many forms so this day is wide open for participation! You can make a difference by volunteering at your local community center, raising funds for Pilot International fundraisers, advocating for brain injury awareness, or by simply sharing Pilot with a stranger.

Volunteer in your community.  A good rule of thumb for volunteering is to start from where you are. Places like local community centers, municipal offices, public hospitality, or old-age homes can always use an extra set of hands. This Make a Difference Day, don’t just donate your labor, raise awareness about the critical needs of your community as well.

Organize a Pilot fundraiser and encourage the people in your community to become your fellow patrons. Every penny counts, so make sure you invite as many people as you can.

Run a social media campaign a week before the big day, plan a social media campaign and post updates under the hashtag #PilotInternational and #MakeaDifferenceDay. Running a campaign in advance can prepare the people in your life to take action on Make a Difference Day.


Examples of Pilot International Making a Difference



The Evening Pilot Club of Sumter set a goal to perform 300 acts of kindness in 60 days with at least 100 completed during International Care and Kindness week. The goal was to bring awareness to everyone and to show how simple acts of kindness make a difference.



In 2019, The Lufkin High School Anchor Club joined Anchor Club International in recognition of “Anchor Make a Difference Day”. They turned their attention to Mrs. Glenda Watts-Taylor and House of Compassion of Lufkin, Texas. House of Compassion works to build a more humane world where poverty is alleviated, communities are healthy and all people can develop their full potential. They service their homeless population by providing basic essentials of life such as clothing, hygiene items and personal guidance. LHS Anchor Club was honored to make a donation to House of Compassion as they continue to help support the efforts that are being made to give the members of the Lufkin Community a better way of life.



Troy Pilot Club and Troy University Compass Club supported their local police, sheriff, University police and fire departments on Make a Difference Day! Thank you for all you do for communities across the globe!