Pilot International

Build a Club

Pilot bell and gavel

Pilot International’s mission is to influence positive change in communities throughout the world. This is accomplished by our many clubs whose members come together in friendship and then volunteer together to impact the communities where they live.

Organizing and chartering a new Pilot club is one of the most rewarding experiences for everyone involved. More clubs mean more members who can be part of our worldwide mission to Do More. Care More. Be More.

It only takes a minimum of 5 committed people and a “Notification of Intent” form to start a new club.

Forms must be submitted to Pilot International headquarters for approval and shared with the associated District Governor.

Current Pilot members should refer to Pilot International’s “Club Building Manual” posted in the Members section of this website for guidance and direction on the process.

More information can also be obtained from Pilot International’s Director of Club Services at 478-477-1208.