When was the first Pilot International convention held?

When was the first Pilot LOG printed?

At which convention was the Code of Ethics presented for the first time?

Where was our first club outside the US chartered?

Who was our first Executive Director and how long did she serve?

What was our first International project?

Which President served for 5 years and why?

Why is there a town square in a small village in France names “Square du Pilot Club International”?

In which countries did we build schools, kitchens, etc. in conjunction with CARE?

Who was the first Handicapped Professional Woman of the Year Award recipient and what did she do for a living?

What caused the Co-Pilots to get organized? (Hint: It is not what you think it is!!)

What is our signature project and when was it first introduced to Pilots?

When did we form our Partnership with Project Lifesaver?


Learn the answers to these questions. Share the sometimes surprising, but always exciting, history of our organization with friends, your family and your community. Feel the PRIDE of being a Pilot.

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