2022 Pilot International Club Leadership Training and Workshops

Annual Convention & Leadership Conference

NEW President/President Elect Training - Rhona Espinoza

Secretary - Lisa Patterson

Treasurer's Workshop - Nickola "Nicki" Dawkins

Directors and Coordinators - Joseph Cunningham and Beverly Shean

What You Need to Know about Anchor and Compass Clubs -  Lisa Palmquist, Janice Clark

How Important is PIFF to Pilot? - Amy Martin

PIFF Workshop
PIFF Handout

What Are You Missing with MemberClicks? - Claire Wells

Submitting a Fundable Grant Application (Matching, Pick Me Ups, Helmets) - Susan Kahl


The Essentials of Empathy: Changing Culture, Building Trust, and Cultivating Leaders - Courtney Stanley


Tech-X - Holly Baker, Mallory Davis

Watch the Tech-X Youtube Video Workshop

The Power of Courage in Challenging Times - Susan Kahl

Gain insight on why conflicts occur, steps in conflict resolution, types of conflict, and conflict resolution skills.

Building a Better Self - Teresa Scott
Discuss what confidence is and how you can build confidence that will serve you in every part of your life. Do you have confidence? Do you want to learn how to be more confident? Leave this interactive workshop with these questions answered.

Five Wishes – Voicing Your Choices - JoAnn Akers
Learn how to have that difficult conversation with your loved ones regarding a serious illness and/or end of life decisions.

Form…What Form? - Robin Williams and Patti Davis-Bennett
Forms "Cheat Sheet"

Learn what forms Clubs need to submit to PI HQ and District Officers, where to find them and when they are to be sent.

Chartering the Way to Friendship and Service - Kelli Alexander, Shelle Allen
Join the presenters for step-by-step instructions on chartering a NEW club and discover ways to add some fun to Pilot along the way.

Eagle Story

How to Get Off the Plane - Patti Davis-Bennett, Kathy Clancey, Desi Harris
Learn ways to gain greater name recognition for Pilot and ideas to get the Pilot name out there.

Giving the Gift of Pilot - Pam Cook, Brenda Robertson  - NO PRESENTATION AVAILABLE
Enjoy hearing the presenters share how they successfully gain new members each year at their Club’s Share Pilot meeting. Information presented will include planning, meeting format, and activities.

Internal v. External Fundraising - Gina Monteleone
Distinguish the differences between internal and external fundraising and how it affects your club membership. Learn to rely on external support to maintain your budgets without draining your own club members. Share examples of fundraising that have been successful and a form of eustress for your club.

Tips & Tricks for a Successful Newsletter/Bulletin (for Beginners)- Karen Beck, Donna Skipper
Learn how to manipulate pictures, call attention to important information, find errors before publishing and give your newsletter/bulletin a polished finish.

Caring for the Caregiver - Karen Ferguson-Bain, Lindsey Wayland
Discuss ways in which caregivers can care for themselves while caring for their loved ones. Focus areas include brain health, ways to relieve stress, helpful resources for caregivers, and much more. Attendees will also experience a relaxation technique which can be used to relieve stress and relax.

Ways to Recruit, Retain, and Reclaim - NO PRESENTATION AVAILABLE
Come, and share, gain, and learn new ideas on these three subjects with other Pilots. Let’s see what has worked for others and what could work for your Club!

Come and Share in the Possibilities for Membership as we Move forward in Pilot.

Pieces of the Leadership Puzzle - Lori LaRocco, Debbie Ray
Discover how preparation, communication, and appreciation complete the leadership puzzle.


NEW! Infomercial - Act as if what you do matters... because it does! - Presented by Toni Hudson-Bannister

The Power of Modeling Mentorship - The 5 E's of a Productive Club Visit - Joseph Cunningham

Pilot Expansion Committee (PowerPoint)

Pilot Expansion Committee (Video)

The Power of Courage in Challenging Times - Susan Kahl

Power of Motivation to Equip and Empower at your Fall Council / Workshop - Beverly Shean

The "5-Minute Personality Test" - Beverly Shean

Five Love Languages Test -  Beverly Shean

Creating a Power Website - Lisa Patterson

The Power of a Mission-Led Vision: Preparing an Empowering Budget - Nickola "Nicki" Dawkins

The Power to Transform Expanding our Footprint - Lisa Palmquist

The Power of Modeling Mentorship - The 5 "E's" of a Productive Club Visit - Joseph Cunningham

Governor's Training - Rhona Rhea Espinoza

District Convention Training - Holly Baker

Blueprint of a District Lieutenant Governor - Beverly Shean, Lisa Palmquist

Servant Leadership - Lisa Palmquist

District Secretary's Workshop - Lisa Patterson, Susan Kahl

Treasurer's Workshop - Nickola "Nicki" Dawkins

The Power of Positive Leadership - The 5 E's of Innovating our Clubs - Winnie Brewer

Positive Leadership - Create Possibilities and Get Positive Results - Lori LaRocco

Fundraising is an Extreme Sport - Amanda Valdespino

VIDEOS (more coming soon)