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Thank you for attending the 2021 Pilot International Convention & Leadership Conference. We are Pilot Proud!

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Council of Leaders


Mentoring Powerpoint - Peggy Benton
Mentoring Script - Peggy Benton

Designing Newsletters & Bulletins - Collett Cross, Sherry Bath

All About Helmets -  Holly Baker, Karen Cupit, Jincey Lee, and Gerianna Moon

PowerPoint & Google Tips - Holly Baker

Reporting Volunteer Hours - Claire Wells, Lisa Patterson

MemberClicks - Claire Wells, Lisa Patterson

Social Media - Anchor Club International

Service Projects Shaping Our Future (PowerPoint) - Judy Wheat, Tiffany Glass

Service Projects Shaping Our Future (Script)- Judy Wheat, Tiffany Glass

Leading Pilots into the Next 100 Years - Melanie Horton, Collett Cross

Membership Growth: Ways to Secure our Future - Karen Ferguson-Bain, Jayne Lackey, Rhona Espinoza

Raising Funds of the Future: Innovative Ideas - Shirley Pyle
Workshop - 21 ideas

PIFF Training for Club and District Representatives - Amy Martin

Scholarships at a Glance - Jennifer Hise-Trujillo, Amy Martin

Grant Update for Clubs - Amy Martin

Youtube Videos