Pilot International

BrainMindersTM & Helmets


BrainMindersTM is Pilot International’s signature program designed in 2001 to teach safety to children to help prevent brain injuries. It was made possible through an in-kind grant given to Pilot International Foundation and a gift from the estate of Callye Harrell Neese. Realizing the need to teach brain injury prevention to people of all ages, Pilots have expanded the program to include presentations for youth and seniors. Most Pilot Clubs as well as many Anchor Clubs present BrainMindersTM  Programs to persons of all ages, based on the services needed in their community. Pilot International was awarded the prestigious 2001 Association Publications Contest Grand Prize for the BrainMindersTM Program. In 2017, an appointed Pilot International BrainMindersTM Committee developed an enhanced website presence and a program with revised and new materials for presentations to preschoolers, children, youth, and seniors. These materials include new snippets (scripts), additional puppets, new coloring and activity books, an updated logo, stickers, bookmarks, t-shirts, and BRAIN-O for Seniors.


Approximately 40% of all bicycle-related deaths are due to head injuries; ¾ of all bicycle-related head injuries occur among children ages 14 and under; and many children are simply unable to protect their heads while bike riding because they don’t have access to quality, affordable safety helmets.

The volunteer service clubs of Pilot International already focus on brain health and safety awareness through the signature BrainMinders™ curriculum. The safety helmet project expands this effort by making quality safety helmets, in a variety of colors and sizes, available at a bulk discount price to Pilot Clubs across the U.S. In addition, Pilot International offers a Helmet Matching Grant to its clubs, to facilitate the placement of free helmets with as many youth as possible.