Brain Safety & Health

Since 1992, Pilot International has worked in the area of brain related service and has narrowed its focus to Brain Safety & Health.

In 2013, Pilot formally narrowed this service focus to Encouraging Brain Safety and Health as the majority of our clubs' work centers in this area.

Grass-roots, local safety-related initiatives are the heart of Pilot International's Brain and Safety Fitness service mission and are championed by Pilot and Anchor worldwide.

Pilot Club participate in their community's local safety fairs and often host bike rodeos where club members have the opportunity to present BrainMindersTM and discuss the importance of brain safety with participating children.  Some clubs also present each attendee with a free, new bike helmet, often provided through matching grant funds from the Pilot International Founders Fund or through donations or grants from major corporations.

Pilot International is proud to work with Safe Kids Worldwide, a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children, the number of killer of kids in the United Sates.  Pilot International and Safe Kids Worldwide share a common mission:  to educate children about safety, promote awareness about injury prevention and provide support for those who have suffered from traumatic brain injury or loss due to the same.  Pilot, Anchor, and Compass Clubs support the efforts of local Safe Kids Coalitions by participating in Safe Kids initiatives such as National Safe Kids Day, Safe Kids' distracted pedestrian campaign and other injury-prevention and education endeavors.

To further Pilot's efforts to educate young people about the need for brain-safe practices, Pilot International also supports BrainMindersTM.

Pilot's signature family of brain-safety educational programs.  Many clubs perform the BrainMindersTM Buddie skits for local elementary-aged students, and the BrainMindersTM "Be Mindful" campaign offers Anchor Club International members an opportunity to model thoughtful behavior and encourage personal responsibility within their own schools.  The "What Where You Thinking?" BrainMinders program educates middle and high-school students about the need for brain-safe practices in areas of specific interest to them such as team sports, biking, skateboarding, texting and driving, etc. - and the consequences that occur if they don't.

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