Pilot International


Pilot International was chartered on October 18, 1921 in Macon, Georgia, U.S.A. by Elizabeth Leonard and forty local business women. The name “Pilot” was inspired by the mighty riverboat pilots of that day who represented leadership and guidance.

Vintage Ambulance donated to red crossPilot Principles: Friendship and Service
Motto: “True Course Ever”
Colors: Green (life and vigor) and Gold (sincerity of purpose)
Emblem: A riverboat pilot’s wheel with eight spokes
First Pilot President: Lucy B. Allen, elected at the organization’s first convention in 1922.

Ruby Newhall, President of Pilot International in 1949, first envisioned Anchor Clubs, Pilot’s youth service organization arm.

The first issue of The Pilot Log was published in January 1924. Early issues were single page bulletins containing club news. Pearl Sparks, author of the Pilot Code of Ethics, once served as editor of The Pilot Log (1927-28).

Pilot International Founders Fund was established in 1975 to further Pilot’s humanitarian efforts. Since the Pilot International Founders Fund grant & scholarship program began in 1977, more than $3.2 million has been awarded to Pilot Clubs and students seeking higher education.

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