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On October 18, 1921, forty executive and professional women gave birth to our great organization – Pilot International.
For 100 years, Pilots throughout the globe have fulfilled the visions and dreams of the founders by uniting through a common bond of friendship & service.

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The BrainMinder’s Committee created a Kids’ version of BRAIN-O using safety rules appropriate for children. The safety rules have been taken from the BrainMinders coloring and activity booklets and reworked to create 27 BRAIN-O calling cards. There are 25 BRAIN-O cards to accompany the calling cards. Due to the limited number of safety rules, the pictures are repeated in several columns. The game is played very much like traditional bingo except the pictures are not called by column or letter, but may be found anywhere on the card.  Children may win by completing a row horizontally, vertically, and diagonally like traditional bingo. 

It’s preferable to call the card’s picture, allow the children to find the picture and mark it, and then read the safety rule. For example, “Brain (pause) find the brain.” After the children have the opportunity to find the brain on their card, then read the safety rule. 

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Encouraging Brain Safety & Health

Since 1992, Pilot International has worked in the area of brain-related services and has narrowed its focus to brain safety & fitness.

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Supporting Those Who Care for Others
Through fundraising and hands-on service work, local Pilot and Anchor Clubs provide a “Little Pick Me Up” for Caregivers in their communities.

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