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Anchor Club


Anchor Club Int'l + Inspired Youth = Global Good

Anchor Club International serves to organize, encourage and support youth community service projects in Anchor Clubs around the world. We believe that young people want to give back and make our world a better place. Working alongside our parent nonprofit organization Pilot International, Anchor Clubs provide youth the opportunity to give back with organized community service projects. Additionally, Anchor provides youth with leadership training, scholarship opportunities and résumé builders.

Fewer rules. More service.

Anchor Clubs give students the opportunity to express themselves through unique, interesting and impactful community service. Anchor actively encourages our membership to be creative visionaries in how they serve their communities. How can you change your community for the better? Through contests, awards, scholarships and more - Anchor encourages you to make a difference!

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Compass Club


Find your new direction. Make Lifelong friends. Impact your community.

Compass International is the young professional division of Pilot International. Compass is a community-based organization for high school graduates or young adults up to the age of 26 in the United States (Up to 28 for Japanese young adults). It is an opportunity to participate in community service, leadership skills, and advance personal and professional goals.

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Message from the President

Welcome! We hope you enjoy exploring our website and discovering the many ways Pilots, Anchors and Compass members are influencing positive changes throughout the world. Pilot members come together in friendship and Service to focus on preparing youth and young adults for service, encouraging brain safety & health, and supporting those who care for others.

Pilot envisions a world where all are valued and that starts with our members, staff, partners, and guests.

I am Holly Baker, President of Pilot International. Pilot has been my service organization of choice for almost 20 years. In Pilot, I know my service matters and I truly appreciate the flexibility that Pilot International provides through our projects and programs. It allows all members to pursue their passions and assists us in making a meaningful impact in our communities.

We would love to hear from you! Pilot International is on a mission to expand our efforts to new areas. Contact us today to see how, you too, can matter in Pilot and influence positive change!

In Pilot Friendship and Service,

Holly Baker

Pilot International President