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Founded by Elizabeth Leonard in Macon, Georgia in 1921, Pilot International has had a long tradition of "Friendship and Service."... Read more »

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All across the world, Pilots are gearing up in a big way to create excitement and enthusiasm as volunteers within their communities. The ideas for Pilot community engagement are endless: fund raising fairs; Pick Me Up projects; autumn walks and 5-K runs; awareness projects; Care & Kindness Week events; Founder’s Day programs; new member recruiting… Read more »


“It’s hard to imagine a world without Pilot and Anchor. Twenty-some years ago, when I was asked to join the Pilot Club of Quitman, Texas, our organization ignited a desire within me to serve and to lead in my local club… in the district … and eventually, on the Pilot International level. It has been… Read more »


As we enter the summer months, we find ourselves in a peaceful, more relaxed mindset one filled with the anticipation of vacations, family reunions, visits with friends and other seasonal pleasures. This is a time of renewal for all of us as we push ahead into the energizing glow of summertime and its vast possibilities…. Read more »


Pilot International seeks to honor outstanding Pilots and clubs at the 2015 Pilot International Annual Convention & Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida. To be considered, submission of information and all application deadlines must be postmarked by April 30, 2015.