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Founded by Elizabeth Leonard in Macon, Georgia in 1921, Pilot International has had a long tradition of "Friendship and Service."... Read more »

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As Pilots, we are charged with helping others find their “True. Course. Ever.” and navigate their way through the rough waters of life. With determination and compassion, we stand ready to help our communities and the world at large face obstacles, overcome challenges and weather the storms. But there are times when it is our… Read more »


It is truly hard to believe that another year has come to a close. It’s somewhat bittersweet to see the end of a year. I find myself reminiscing on the past months and try to remember all that has happened. Through it all, I see the wonderful achievements each of you in your clubs have… Read more »


All across the world, Pilots are gearing up in a big way to create excitement and enthusiasm as volunteers within their communities. The ideas for Pilot community engagement are endless: fund raising fairs; Pick Me Up projects; autumn walks and 5-K runs; awareness projects; Care & Kindness Week events; Founder’s Day programs; new member recruiting… Read more »


“It’s hard to imagine a world without Pilot and Anchor. Twenty-some years ago, when I was asked to join the Pilot Club of Quitman, Texas, our organization ignited a desire within me to serve and to lead in my local club… in the district … and eventually, on the Pilot International level. It has been… Read more »